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IPL 2012 dates announced by BCCI

Posted on Sep 28, 2011 byRajesh
The fifth edition of the Indian Premier League organized by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will be held from April 4, 2012 to May 27, 2012 in hot summer of Indian subcontinent. The IPL 2012 will feature 74 matches, same as in 2011 Indian Premier League. The tournament will be held after Indian team returns back from Australia tour where they will play 5 Test, 2 T20 International and a Tri Series against Australia and Sri Lanka.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given unofficial window to IPL for the next 10 years in their Future Tour Programs (FTP). Indian team is not expected to play any series in the months of April and May. In the Indian Premier League 2011, international players from Australia, West Indies and Pakistan may miss the tournament partially due to overlapping series at the same time. England will host West Indies, Australia is schedule to host West Indies and Pakistan will tour Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in the same period.

The 2011 IPL, played in India took place within a week of World Cup Final match played at Mumbai where India emerged as victorious. In the same event, total number of teams increased to ten after Sahara Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala won the bids for two new teams.

While announcing the closing and opening dates for DLF IPL 2012, Chirayu Amin Chairman of Indian Premier League said, “We have no doubt that the fifth season of IPL will be as, if not more, eventful and exciting than the previous ones.”

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Champions League Twenty20 2011 Fixtures, Time Table

DateLocalMatch DetailsVenue
19-Sep-1116:00Qualifier : Trinidad and Tobago vs Ruhuna RhinosHyderabad
19-Sep-1120:00Qualifier : Kolkata Knight Riders vs Auckland AcesHyderabad
20-Sep-1116:00Qualifier : Trinidad and Tobago vs LeicestershireHyderabad
20-Sep-1120:00Qualifier : Somerset vs Auckland AcesHyderabad
21-Sep-1116:00Qualifier : Leicestershire vs Ruhuna RhinosHyderabad
21-Sep-1120:00Qualifier : Kolkata Knight Riders vs SomersetHyderabad
23-Sep-1120:00Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chevrolet Warriors, 1st T20Bangalore
24-Sep-1116:00Group A : Cape Cobras vs New South Wales Blues, 2nd T20Chennai
24-Sep-1120:00Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians, 3rd T20Chennai
25-Sep-1116:00Group B : Chevrolet Warriors vs South Australian Redbacks, 4th T20Kolkata
25-Sep-1120:00Group B : TBC vs TBC, 5th T20Kolkata
26-Sep-1120:00Group A : Mumbai Indians vs TBC, 6th T20Bangalore
27-Sep-1120:00Group B : TBC vs South Australian Redbacks, 7th T20Kolkata
28-Sep-1116:00Group A : New South Wales Blues vs TBC, 8th T20Chennai
28-Sep-1120:00Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs Cape Cobras, 9th T20Chennai
29-Sep-1120:00Group B : TBC vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 10th T20Kolkata
30-Sep-1120:00Group A : Mumbai Indians vs Cape Cobras, 11th T20Bangalore
1-Oct-1116:00Group B : South Australian Redbacks vs TBC, 12th T20Kolkata
1-Oct-1120:00Group B : TBC vs Chevrolet Warriors, 13th T20Kolkata
2-Oct-1116:00Group A : Mumbai Indians vs New South Wales Blues, 14th T20Chennai
2-Oct-1120:00Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs TBC, 15th T20Chennai
3-Oct-1120:00Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs TBC, 16th T20Bangalore
4-Oct-1116:00Group A : Cape Cobras vs TBC, 17th T20Chennai
4-Oct-1120:00Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs New South Wales Blues, 18th T20Chennai
5-Oct-1116:00Group B : Chevrolet Warriors vs TBC, 19th T20Bangalore
5-Oct-1120:00Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs South Australian Redbacks, 20th T20Bangalore
7-Oct-1120:00TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final T20Bangalore
8-Oct-1120:00TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi Final T20Chennai
9-Oct-1120:00TBC vs TBC, Final T20Chennai